Book Review of Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones, Bk 1)

Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones, Bk 1)
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I read this for the November "New York" theme in my online book club, The Reading Cove. Very disappointed. Although the plot was interesting, the suspense/thriller execution was weak, and the twists in the end seemed contrived and predictable.

And Ridley Jones's 1st person narration was overly detailed and very rambling. (Do we have to know what color and texture every single thing is in a scene?) I got annoyed with her and quickly lost interest in the storyline. I skimmed to the end to find out how the mystery played out, but was only mildly interested.

I am not reaching for the sequel, and would not be quick to read anymore by Lisa Unger. Did not like the writing style at all. I think other authors do suspense thrillers much better.