Book Review of Bewitching (Romance Alive)

Bewitching (Romance Alive)
Bewitching (Romance Alive)
Author: Jill Barnett
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Audio Cassette
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Elfin, green eyed Joyous MacQuarrie is aptly named, with her bubbling laughter & spirit of merriment. But her charming facade hides a secret - she is an enchanted witch w/uncontrollable powers. When she meets handsome but conventional Alec, Duke of Belmore he is - quite literally - swept off his feet by the enigmatic beauty who falls unashamedly into his arms.

When they marry, despite her mysterious past & the questions of his society friends, he is unaware of her gift or her powers. But the man who turned to fire when he tasted her lips turns to ice when he finds out her secret.

Can Joy use her fledgling white magic to divert the scandal that threatens to destroy her & win back the passion that had held their two enchanted hearts spellbound?

Jill barnett , NYTimes bestselling author.