Book Review of The Arrangement

The Arrangement
The Arrangement
Author: Suzanne Forster
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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THE ARRANGEMENT by Suzanne Forster was the February 2014 pick in my online book club, The Reading Cove.

I was looking forward to this book hoping it would be a quality romantic mystery. Alas, I'm sorry to say it was very disappointing.

The first 100 pages serve to dupe the reader with a VERY weak plot device...something that could've been done so much better in the hands of a more skilled writer.

The murder mystery element is chock-full of forgettable side characters, and convoluted twists and turns that rest solely on a terribly contrived coincidence that set everything in motion. A very big "it just so happens that" eye-rolling coincidence! And there were far too many for this to be a quality mystery.

You know, this is the level of storytelling that can entertain teenagers who don't have much yet to compare it to. But for seasoned, intelligent readers, it's likely just 457 pages of time wasted. You're better off reading something by Agatha Christie.

I can't get THE ARRANGEMENT higher than a D. Not recommended unless you're like 17.