Book Review of Eragon (Inheritance, Bk 1)

Eragon (Inheritance, Bk 1)
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Ahhh. I hate to say anything disparaging about this book now that I know a 15 year old wrote it...but I have to say that I really struggled through this one. I thought to myself several times that the book seemed to be written by a teenage fanboy or an older someone trying desperately to mimic every classic fantasy novel in the last 50 years. It is impressive that a 15 year old was able to write this hefty book...and even more admirable that he was able to capture the imaginations of so many young people who read it. I suppose that since I'm in the minority, there's something I'm just not 'getting' about it...and that's okay. I root for the authors continued success. He's an inspiration, even if his book was less so for me.