Book Review of Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke
Where There's Smoke
Author: Sandra Brown
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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The Tackett oil clan of Eden Pass in East Texas, dominated by hard-driving widow Jody, managed to weather the sex-scandal disgrace of eldest son, Clark, a congressman, five years ago, and his recent death by drowning. Now Dr. Lara Mallory, the woman involved in Clark's downfall, moves into town to take over the retiring doctor's practice, which Clark bought before his death and willed to her. Lara was widowed after her diplomat husband and young daughter were killed in the Third World country to which they'd been posted in the scandal's wake. She is willing to endure the hatred of the influential Tacketts in order to meet Clark's black-sheep brother Key, whose skill as a pilot she requires in order to return to the country where her daughter's body still lies. Virile Key and gorgeous Lara butt egos while Key's plain sister Janellen finds love with an ex-con, and a cheerleader, daughter of the town slut, seeks romance with a handsome football player.