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Book Review of Larkspur

Author: Dorothy Garlock
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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This is another Garlock charmer. Spinster Kristin Anderson is being used as a servant in her older brothers home. When she finds out that she has inherited some land in Montana Territory, she wants to escape her brothers oppressive servitude and live there.

Unfortunately, Kristens brother, Ferd has already agreed to sell the land to a wily land broker, Colonel Forsythe. Kristens cousin, Gustaf, who was born on the same day one farm over, gives her the money to travel to Montana. Kristens brother and sister-in-law are so enraged that they refuse to help her in any way and tell her that she cannot return to them WHEN things fall apart.

The Montana lawyer and Forsythe try to dazzle Kristen with money for her land as soon as she arrives in the Territory. She says she must think about it overnight and they allow her to leave their offices. Kristen has learned that these men are going to harm her if she doesnt turn over her property and she appeals to locals in the town to help her get to her property.

When Kristen arrives at Larkspur, she has more surprises. Old Lenning, the foreman, isnt old and hes angry that she seems to want to toss him off his piece of land (adjoining the Larkspur ranch).

Telling too much more of the story will ruin the twists-and-turns in store for the reader. Trust me when I say that there are gunslingers, neer-do-wells who think nothing of killing, an Indian who wants Kristen and her white-blond hair, an old confused man and multiple deaths.

Once the story gets started (the beginning is rather slow), it moves quickly. Dillon Tallman, from YESTERYEAR, returns in this novel. This is a complex story with lots of subplots. One suggestion: Start this early in the day or you will be up all night trying to finish it.

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