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Book Review of Secrets, Vol 8

Secrets, Vol 8
daedelys avatar reviewed on + 1756 more book reviews

Taming Kate
While the premise for this story was kind of neat, it just didn't grab me because of it's whole cowboy and western theme as I'm not a big fan of either. I'm not bothered by the legalized prostitution in it, but I found it kind of pathetic that Kate was guilted and trapped (via a situation that would definitely break all kinds of sexual harassment laws) into managing a brothel she'd inherited. It was just too weird. And after weird, it just got stupid. Even though Kate may have been a Manhattan career woman, she sure doesn't seem to understand business law very well, because if she really wanted to get out of becoming a madam, it wouldn't have been as hard as this story made it appear to be. This was just one of many plot holes in the story that appeared early on, and I wasn't even able to finish it. I have no plans on looking for stories by this author in the future.

Jared's Wolf
This story was definitely one of MJD's better ones. It seems that her earlier published ones were always more enjoyable that her newer, burned-out ones. I also think I prefer MJD's werewolf tales because their more interesting overall. Sure, her lead characters all tend to have the same personality (it's a wonder how they all still manage to get along), but the story is fun, sexy and a great read.

I happened to think that this story was really good. It was well-written, had a believable plot, and the characters were done very well. (Nothing makes erotica worse than tacky writing skills!) This is definitely an author who I'd like to try to read more of because her characters really feel more dimensional than the average writer's.

Kiss or Kill
This story immediately started out both interesting and steamy. The sci-fi plot was great and made it stand out from the average romance/erotica tale. Some of the dialogue got a little corny at times, but it was really negligible. The only other thing I can remember reading, off hand, by this author was in the 2010 series and I thought it was really good as well.

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