Book Review of Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders, Bk 5)

Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders, Bk 5)
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Rough, Raw & Ready was fantastic! Right from the beginning, I was drawn to the relationship between Chassie, Trevor and Edgard. It was a very sweet and touching romance. It was easy to see the affection between Chassie & Trevor, the affection between Trevor and Edgard and the growing affection between Chassie and Edgard. I loved how Chassie handled the potential wrench thrown into her marriage. She was appropriately shocked and horrified. I thought she did a great job trying to come to terms with Trevor and Edgard without being judgmental. I couldn't imagine finding out that my husband had a sexual relationship with another man and knowing that he still harbored feelings for that man. Even though Trevor and Edgard were together first, they did nothing to exclude Chassie or make her feel like the third wheel. Chassie's understanding of Trevor and Edgard was a sight to behold. I think the author did a great job with the emotional aspects of this story and this was the best one yet.