Book Review of Drui Claiming (Supernatural Bonds)

Drui Claiming (Supernatural Bonds)
Drui Claiming (Supernatural Bonds)
Author: Jory Strong
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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The supernatural races that haunt our fairy tales have all fled, leaving this plane to the mortals... or maybe not. The 'significant others' are all homicide cops who do not believe [and in some cases hate:] anything purporting to be supernatural. All that woo-woo stuff - either crazy or con games - right? Not only do these poor mortals fight the usual fight against love and commitment - they fight being forced to believe...

As with most series, they unfold better being read in order - but can be read out of order if necessary. Note: in Drui Claiming some things revealed in Sophies Dragon will prevent the occasional 'huh?' moment.

Supernatural Bonds series:
Traces Psychic
Trace figures every psychic is a fake or nuts, then he meets Aislann...

Storm's Faeries
Fairy tales can be twice as nice upclose and personal...Warning: menage.

Sophie's Dragon
Dragons are very possessive of every treasure they find, an a mate is the greatest treasure of all!

Drui Claiming
Dragons and shifters and healers, oh my! Warning: menage with some same sex interaction.