Book Review of Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith

Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith
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Not really a biography

This work is marketed as a biography of Abraham. I went into the book asking "Why do we need a biography of Abraham? All we know about him is found in the Bible....that's his "biography" (if you will)." Turns out, the book is mismarketed - it *isn't* a biography ... at least in the usual sense. It's more like an exposition on the life of Abraham, naturally relying heavily on Scripture for information on his life. The beginning and end of each chapter, however, often has nothing to do directly with Abraham. Indeed, each chapter is essentially a sermon of sorts, beginning with the hook to bring you in, and ending with the points for you to take away. Unfortunately, the ending points are rarely drawn from the Scripture itself and are instead helpful life tips that Swindoll shares - now that doesn't mean that these aren't useful, but when you want to make points relating from the Scripture you've been covering I find it more compelling when those takeaways are rooted in the studied Scripture.

If the book was marketed differently I'd probably give another star, but as is it doesn't meet the expectations set forth. There is useful information here that I believe will minister to many people. Just because I gave it 3 stars doesn't mean it's an awful book, just that it fell short of marketed expectations.