Book Review of Holy Terrors (Bed-And-Breakfast, Bk 3)

Holy Terrors (Bed-And-Breakfast, Bk 3)
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Catering the annual pre-Easter brunch and egg hunt is a hare-raising hassle for Judith McMonigle, hard-working hostess of the Hillside Manor. And this year's egg scramble gets particularly messy when the reclusive wife of a local scion is fatally perforated by a fiend dressed in a bunny suit. Never one to pass up a good murder, Judith solicits the help of her sometime-beau policeman Joe and her irrespressible Cousin Renie to get energized and get hopping down the floppy-eared assasin's trail. But, soon the list of suspects is multiplying faster than a hutch-full of rabbits. And Judith might very well end up a basket case--or worse--before this whole thing is that the party-planning sleuth's unsolicited snooping has put a killer hot on her cottontail!