Book Review of Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady

Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady
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I enjoyed this book, expecially the author's very accurate descripton of the conversations of the ladies of the "Old South" ridiculous and so true. This book is a funny look at a disfunctional family based in Washington, DC. Grandma is still living in Civil War Times, and being a "Southern Lady" occupies all her time. She is having trouble training her granddaughter in the social graces, and her daughter is a foul mouthed tom-boy married to a band member who plays the clubs all night, and reads and drinks all day. This is the story of the daughter's journey from "straight" to "gay"as she moves from DC to Mississippi and has her first affair with another lesbian. It is quite a romp, but if you dislike bad language and lesbian practices, this book is not for you. The author's description of the social practices of the l950's is very accurate and made me laugh as I recalled the 1950's in my own experience.