Book Review of Bite: The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death / One Word Answer / Biting in Plain Sight / Galahad / Blood Lust

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Ok, this is one of the FEW anthologies of this type and genre that I actually thought worthy of a place on my shelf. Unlike tripe like "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding" and that sort of poor quality crap, this one actually didn't bite, if you'll pardon the poor pun.

Unlike in a similar anthology titled Cravings, in which the LKH Anita story is merely an excerpt from one of the novels in the series (the beginning of Incubus Dreams, in fact), in this volume, Bite, there's an actual original LKH story, a touching look at Jean-Claude & Anita's developing romance, that takes place between Blue Moon & Obsidian Butterfly. I believe this story also appears in the LKH anthology, Strange Candy (which I really enjoyed).

The Mary Janice Davidson story, while featuring them, doesn't focus on Betsy, the Queen, and her minions, but has a sweet side story about Dr. Sophie, a vampire veterinarian living in a small town. These two alone made this volume a keeper, if for no other reason than to complete the authors' regular series.

The Harris takes place as Sookie learns her cousin is dead, and meets the Demon Lawyer Catalaides for the first time...as he drops hints about Hadley's demise...and before Sookie goes to New Orleans to clean Hadley's apartment (events in the novel Definitely Dead) and is more of a short "fill in the blanks" story...good, but not really moving the storyline forward and therefore not something you'll miss really if you just stuck to the books.

The last two by lesser known authors Angela Knight (Galahad), and Vickie Taylor (Blood Lust)...well, Blood Lust was cute, just ok, but the characters were very likeable in a very short time. However, I thought Galahad was just terrible. Any story where a female character has to say, "Oh, Galahad! Oh, Galahad!" gets a big red X in my book.