Book Review of Consuming Fire

Consuming Fire
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Consuming Fire is a very good book. It concentrates a lot on forgiveness, trust in the Lord, and giving up all for Him. I think Kathleen Morgan is a very good writer.
Adam and Maggie are the main characters in this story. Maggie deals with experience of never really feeling or being loved by her parents. This causes several dysfunctional emotions in a relationship. Adam is dealing with guilt for dishonorable behavior towards his cousin/friend. Ms. Morgan infiltrates their struggles with these problems into the story and their struggle to get their lives or behaviors right with the Lord. This story is a good one. It is full of intrigue, action, deception, and love. Maggie wants to live her life in a monestary for women because she wants no part of marriage. God has other plans for Maggie and Maggie struggles with this for quite a while. She does fall in love with Adam and they marry but they have to overcome several obsticles. Adam is a man who truly wants to serve the Lord and he does despite Maggie's struggles. I would recommend this book to anyone.