Book Review of The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story

The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story
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For those who have not yet heard of this book, its the true story of the wife of the Warsaw Zoos keeper during WWII. Most of the zoo's animals were killed during the bombing but with the help of the Polish Underground, the zoo became a haven for more than 300 Jews escaping the Nazis. Wait! Dont stop reading here just because you cant take any more Holocaust books! This book is amazing!

Although this book is about WWII, Jewish people, and the Holocaust, the focus is NOT on the people being saved (or what they were being saved from) but rather on the everyday life of one family doing the saving.

Author Diane Ackerman is a poet and a naturalist, a combination which gives this book a unique style. The research she did is apparent on every page and it makes for a fascinating read. This is a non-fiction book so dont expect a historical fiction novel here.* This book is chock full of fascinating facts. Some seemed obvious once I read them, others Id never have guessed.

I really and truly loved this book. It kept my attention, taught me any things, and was an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book.