Book Review of Wives and Daughters (TV tie-in) (Penguin Classics)

Wives and Daughters (TV tie-in) (Penguin Classics)
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Very pleasing story of a teenage girl, Molly, as she undergoes the trial and changes that life bring. Her father decides to remarry as her own mother died when she was very young. This marriage brings not only a new mother for Molly, with all her inappropriate behavior and advice, but also a sister, Cynthia, who bring a lot of controversy and excitement to the family. As the two girls grow, their experiences with men, modesty, decorum, and gossip are played out. Molly is also very connected to an old family in the neighborhood, the Hamleys, whose ups and downs are also hers. Ultimately, her future and happiness is very tied to theirs. This is a very good story for anyone who enjoys reading authors such as Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte.