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Book Review of For the Roses

For the Roses
For the Roses
Author: Julie Garwood
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Hardcover
BigAppleBookworm avatar reviewed Ehh on + 2 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2

I really want to like her books but I am just not that big a Julie Garwood fan. I keep ordering her books hoping one of them will prove why she has so many fans, but other than "Killjoy", I just don't understand the fuss. Her period novels, like "For The Roses" and "Ransom", are always written in an overly simplistic, doe-eyed innocent manner that simply doesn't jive with the storyline. She over-uses phrases such as "S/He really was [insert strange and unnecessary adjective here] and overall, this book reads very awkwardly. The plots are usually very interesting but the execution is just so-so.

As for this particular book, it's a great story about tolerance and different definitions for family.

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