Book Review of With Every Breath (MacLeod, Bk 11)

With Every Breath (MacLeod, Bk 11)
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Another good time travel romance, this is the story of Sunny Phillips, sister-in-law of Patrick MacLeod, and Robert Cameron from 1375, and is full of good heartache before the happy ending. This one is a little more complicated than most of her stuff (though the villain at the end is not hard to guess), and a little more drawn out - the romantic storyline could have been trimmed by a chapter, and although I love post-romance detail the epilogue could have been slashed by one chapter as well! It's almost as if the author couldn't bear to leave these characters and kept lingering at the end. But Kurland's magic is in the world she creates that you don't want to leave, and characters that you want to hang around.