Book Review of The Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island
The Mysterious Island
Author: Jules Verne
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Do NOT use this book as a survival manual!!

Right, now that we have that straightened out...what a book! I write this review with tongue in cheek, just as the author must have written this book. Why? well...

Five Union prisoners of war escape Richmond, VA in a Rebel spy balloon, and a mere five days later end up on a remote island in the Pacific. Being very resourceful (not to mention absolute geniuses) they do what anyone stranded on a deserted island would do: they forge their own iron and steel tools, make glass, an elevator, nitroglycerin, and even a telegraph using 100% natural materials (think the professor from Gilligan's Island). But in the course of their struggle against nature, strange incidents convince them that this island may not be as deserted as they thought...(insert ominous music)...

Be prepared for a kicker ending that will leave you chocking on your lithodomus!