Book Review of Elsewhere

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Helpful Score: 2

This was an interesting take on the afterlife, but I feel that all of the characters needed some fleshing out. I did not like or relate to Liz, which made it difficult for me to root for her and care about her ability to cope with death.

I did enjoy the concept of aging backwards in the afterlife, but it brought up a lot of questions. The author was not consistent in how the reverse aging process worked - when a reverted 7-year-old was depicted as having 100 years of memories and was in charge of captaining a ship, but a reverted 4-year-old was both physically and mentally 4 and unable to read, it struck me as a messy writing mechanic (either they mentally revert to the appropriate age, or they don't). I think it is a very interesting premise but the application was inconsistent and that drew me out of the story.