Book Review of Breathing Lessons

Breathing Lessons
Breathing Lessons
Author: Anne Tyler
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I loved this book! Anne Tyler took everyday events and quirky ways of thinking and wove them into it. The main character sees herself so very differently than others see her and this frustrates her. As an example of her quirkiness, she gets mad at her husband and is going to leave him... she stops at the store immediately after deciding to do so and finds herself thinking how she wished she had the coupon for the shampoo with her. Her mind just changed tracks and the people in her life realize she has a tendency of doing so. It is not that she is cold an unfeeling... quite the opposite. She cares a great deal for the people around her. The people around her love her despite the zaniness and I think that is the really neat part.