Book Review of The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, Bk 1)

The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, Bk 1)
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I was so glad for a continuation of the world from the Percy Jackson series. I wasn't sure I was going to appreciate the relationship angst that was obviously established in the beginning and is likely to be mirrored between Annabeth and the mind-wiped Percy in the next installment. Although it was my least favorite aspect of the story, I still found myself at times rooting for Piper and Jason. What might have most annoyed me was how forced "beauty queen" Piper's formidability and comic-relief Leo's witticisms seemed at points. Still, I couldn't help finding a little place in my heart for Leo.

Catching me off-guard, I surprisingly appreciated Thalia character a good deal more in this story in part because of Jason. And I, of course, still love the play with the modern twist of the ancient mythologies. Riordan, once again, failed to disappoint.