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Book Review of Royally Jacked

Royally Jacked
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Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadToo.com

Valerie Winslow, like any other girl, thought that she had it all: the perfect friends, the perfect family, and the perfect crush. But her world turns upside down and soon Valerie begins to question her whole life. Her mother decides to tell the family, at the dinner table, that she cannot continue in her marriage because she is gay and is going to move out and live with the new love of her life, who happens to be a woman.

Unfortunately, her mother's news not only effects Valerie, but also her father, who breaks the news that the very conservative politician that he works for doesn't believe that he should have an employee who married someone who is gay. But instead of losing his job, the politician finds Valerie's dad another one, just until after the re-election, all the way in Schwerinborg, some European country.

So now Valerie has to make a decision. She can either stay with her mother and her girlfriend in their new apartment, go to an entirely different school, and possibly have a chance with her longtime crush, David Anderson, who is finally showing some interest in her. Or she can go all the way around the world and stay with her dad, who is helping the royal family.

Valerie decides that it's best to go with her dad, maybe so she doesn't have to tell her friends the real reason why her parents got divorced. When she arrives at her new, yet very ugly apartment, Valerie discovers a surprise, a very cute one. Turns out the royal family has a son who is just one year older than Valerie, and isn't too shabby to look at. Maybe moving to Schwerinborg wasn't such a bad idea after all.

ROYALLY JACKED is both unique and hilarious in so many ways. Niki Burnham creates a story that is so unusual and so very cute that it leaves a smile on your face. The relationship with Valerie and her dad and the one with Georg, the son of the royal family, all make ROYALLY JACKED worth the read.

Be sure to watch for the other books in this series, SPIN CONTROL and DO-OVER.

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