Book Review of Hammered (Iron Druid Chronicles, Bk 3)

Hammered (Iron Druid Chronicles, Bk 3)
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The third book in the Iron Druid chronicles finds our protagonist, Atticus, in quite a quandry. As the story opens, Atticus is heading to Asgard to steal one of the apples of Idun, so that he can fulfill his promise to Laksha. Of course, this doesnt go as smoothly as Atticus hopes.
The plot of this book revolves around Atticus need to fulfill his promises, despite the mounting evidence that doing so would be a very bad idea. I think this book, more than the others, very much highlights how Atticus character was formed in a much earlier time, despite his willingness to modernize his vocabulary and social interactions.
This is not a book that should be read out of sequence. The things that happen in this book are a pretty direct consequence of previous books, and the actions here set up reverberations for future books.
The book was very good overall, and continues the quality of the series. I did have two small complaints, though. The first is how he handled a few of the characters in the climax of the book, most especially Gunnar, the werewolf. However, I recognize this as a valid authorial choice (no matter that it galls me). The other small complaint is that he does not really tie up all of his loose ends. The book ends on a rather significant cliffhanger (that Im sure will be a major plot point in the next book), and there are several smaller threads of the story that are not cleared up (again, it seems likely that he will address these in the next book). I know that its important to set things up for the next story, but I really dislike having a book end with so many things open, as it feels unfinished. For that reason, I have to give this book 4 stars out of 5.