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Book Review of Kissed by Shadows (Kiss, Bk 3)

Kissed by Shadows (Kiss, Bk 3)
Kissed by Shadows (Kiss, Bk 3)
Author: Jane Feather
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Sequel of "To Kiss A Spy". Many of the same characters from the first book. Complicated - yet intreaguing plot.

King Phillip of Spain has married Queen Mary of England. He needs an heir to solidify his hold on England. Lady Pippa Neilson (younger sister of Lady Pen d'Arcy from To Kiss a Spy and a lady-in- waiting to the Queen's sister)is unknowingly married to to a gay man who is being blackmailed and manipulated by King Phillip. He allows King Phillip to drug and impregnate Lady Pippa to insure that he will have an heir to the thrown.

Lionel Ashton (an independent spy who has become ingrained as part of King Phillip's court) is assigned to as Pippa's guardian to assure the baby is born healthy and available to King Phillip while protecting the secret. Howeever, Lionel is not what he appears. He is really working for an independent England and has his own reasons for wanting revenge against the Spanish.

What Lionel knows about Pippa will put both their lives in danger. He also falls in love with Pippa to further complicate matters. However, Pippa wants nothing to do with him once she finds out that the baby she carries is not her husband's. She sees Lionel as a traitor to England for his part in this nightmare. Can they save themselves and overcome hatred?

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