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Book Review of People of the Masks (First North Americans, Bk 10)

People of the Masks (First North Americans, Bk 10)
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In ancient Iroquois culture, the miraculous deeds of dwarfs were the stuff of legend, so the birth of one has made Paint Rock the most feared village in the Turtle Nation. Nicknamed Rumbler by his mother, the boy, now nine but only as tall as a four-year-old, is pampered and coddled and consulted before any major clan decision is made. A precious member of the clan, Rumbler's premonition of his abduction worries the others, especially since Jumping Badger, the cruel war leader of Walksalong Clan, is known to believe Walksalong would be invincible if it had Rumbler. When Jumping Badger and his war party attack, they slaughter all in their path and take Rumbler captive. But instead of feeling empowered, the Walksalong villagers are frightened by the Power Child, and condemn him to death. Gangly, fearless 12-year-old Little Wren befriends him, and the bulk of the book is made up of their escape and flight from an enraged, insane Jumping Badger and his warriors.