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Book Review of Chimes at Midnight (October Daye, Bk 7)

Chimes at Midnight (October Daye, Bk 7)
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This is the seventh book in the October Daye series and I swear this series just keeps getting better and better. I am a big fan of McGuire and have read and enjoyed her InCryptid series too. I also read and loved her Newsflesh series which she wrote under the pen name Mira Grant. This book was absolutely fantastic and one of the best in this series.

October has a new mission and that is to track down the source of highly addictive and deadly Goblin Fruit that is plaguing the streets. Dozens have died because of this evil fruit that addicts with the very first taste. When October does find the source of the Goblin Fruit things get more complicated and she has to deal not only with her own banishment but with serious questions about the Queen of the Mist and her history.

This was a spectacular read. I absolutely love the world created in this series and I love how it gets more complex and more interesting with each book. You never know what you will find in these books and I love that.

October has grown a lot as a character since the beginning of this series. She has learned to accept the help and support of those around her. She continues to come up with crazily creative solutions to impossible problems. October does still try to run herself into the ground at times, but her family of friends buoys her up and helps her to slow down and take care of herself when she needs to.

Tybalt is in the story a lot. Him and October have settled into a relatively comfortable relationship throughout the book. Its a relationship that is steamy, respectful, and fun to read about. The relationship takes a backseat to the story (which works well). Tybalt plays a support role in this book, helping Toby out when she needs it. He is funny and just as full of cutting wit as he has been in previous books.

We get to go to new worlds with Toby, meet some wonderful new characters, and watch as she unravels a number of mysteries. All of it is fascinating, very well done and absolutely engaging. Things are mostly wrapped up well, but new questions are opened up for future storylines too.

Overall a spectacular addition to this series, I really really enjoyed it. Toby has grown a lot as a character and has learned to depend on those she loves. The world of faerie is expanded on a bit more and we learn more interesting history behind that world as well. There is a wonderful mystery that starts out with the mysterious goblin fruit and then grows into a storyline thats much more complicated and complex. I love the characters in this series, love the great world building, and was absolutely engaged in the story. This series is highly recommended to fans of urban fantasy.

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