Book Review of The Silmarillion

The Silmarillion
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This is a good book for a die-hard fan of Tolkien. If you're not a big fan of Middle-Earth, I would skip this book. I am a big fan of Tolkien and for years I was an administrator of one of the most popular LOTR sites online. Now that I've laid out my geeky credentials, I have to say it took me several tries to get through the Sil. I almost considered getting index cards so that I could keep track of all the characters whose names start with "F" for there are so many! However, if you stick with the book, you'll learn the origin of the gods of Middle Earth as well as the creation of the Elves. The Silmarillion is a fascinating story, but it is dry and it's not as charming as The Hobbit. The Sil is not as cohesive as the LOTR or Hobbit. There aren't any hobbits in the Sil. Men appear, but not until much later in the story. You need to have a deep love of myth, ancient languages, and Elves if you're going to make it through the entire Silmarillion.