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Book Review of Skin (Jack Caffery, Bk 4)

Skin (Jack Caffery, Bk 4)
perryfran avatar reviewed on + 1158 more book reviews

Another page-turner from Hayder. This is the fourth book in the Jack Caffery series and it is a direct sequel to the last book, Ritual, which I finished a few days ago. In this one Jack and Flea, the police diver introduced in Ritual, are trying to track down a missing young woman. In the mean time a possible suicide shows up that doesn't sit quite right with Jack and puts him on the trail of a very unsavory murder suspect. In the mean time, Flea is trying to help her brother Thom who evidently was involved in something way over his head. And then there is an ominous presence that seems to be watching both of them and may be related to the case as detailed in Ritual involving superstitions and witchcraft originating in Africa. Jack is also still seeking the advice of "The Walking Man" who seems to have foreknowledge of Jack's future doings.

All of this eventually comes together but some of it was very coincidental with the death of the missing woman and the assumed suicide converging on the same person. But overall, this was consuming reading and I'll definitely be looking forward to the next in the series, Gone.