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Book Review of Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 11)

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 11)
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Helpful Score: 6

The 11th installment in the Southern Vampire mysteries didnt exactly live up to its predecessors in delivery of storyline or charm the way the previous offerings have. A tad bit disappointing and dull, you dont know whether to roll your eyes from expected plot twists or just put the book down and hope for the 12th one to come out soon .. and be a whole lot better.

Our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, is married (read as dating) to area 5 Sheriff, Eric Northman, and their marriage is far from happy or ideal. The book starts off almost immediately with a Molotov Cocktail crashing through the window of Merlottes Bar and Grill where Sookie still works as a waitress. At first it was thought to be a retaliation against Sam, the owner, coming out as a were, or two natured, or a myriad of other nicknames, we later find out it isnt, in an overly predictable manner yet again.

The story progresses further into a former enemy chasing after Sookie and generally being an annoying pain to her, and to the reader.

There is a lot of just chatty character to character interaction, but it does heat up later on when the new regent, appointed by the King of Nevada to oversee Louisiana, becomes intolerable again, so a plot is formed to, of course, take him out. Inbetween that and the actual execution of that plan, we do see a lot of dealings with Sookies fae nature in the form of her cousin and great uncle still living there with her. Ive read mixed reviews on this, but I dont mind this part at all. I thought it was interesting so in this part I will let the reader decide on this.

This book also offers us up plenty of boring and frustrating Oh I still have feelings for Bill, but I LOVE Eric crap we have been getting too much of in the last 2 or 3 books. Of course, the end leaves us off with Eric supposedly being promised to another vampire by his creator, and of course he is considering it so that leaves Ms. Harris an open doorway to do what she was probably planning to in the beginning; make Eric out to be the jerk and she gets back with Bill anyway.

In my reviews I usually go over the plot almost step by step with no spoilers, but honestly, this book was ok, but not really plot oriented. It was, I think, the most awkward book of the entire series. Either Ms. Harris has become disenchanted with the world she created, or this was forced on her by the publisher. I really do believe in her abilities as a writer, I truly do. In fact, I believe her to be much more talented than most other writers of her genre. This book was just not it for me. Up until now I have staunchly supported the books over the tv series in which I liked better, but, if this series doesnt pick up a little where the books are concerned, I might have to change my opinion.

Come on Sookie, lets not turn into a boring and older Bella Swan whom I loathe.

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