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Book Review of Brave Heart (Harlequin Historical, No 171)

Brave Heart (Harlequin Historical, No 171)
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Helpful Score: 3

This is one of McKenna's best books, in my opinion. The Heroine is strong and tough, and she remains so throughout the book. Although the results of her experiences certainly have an impact on her, at no point does she fall into the helpless-victim mode that is so common in romance books. There is little doubt that McKenna's portrayal of Native American culture and life-ways is idealistic at best - like most romance books. But, unlike with some authors, the idealized portrayal is skillfully done and does not detract from the story that she is telling. The Hero & The Heroine are both well written and compelling characters that will draw you back to the story again and again.
This is one of the few romance books that has stayed with me through three schools and several moves. In fact, when I managed to lose my first copy, I went out and bought another. Even when I finished with my romance phase and moved on to greener and more varied pastures, this book has remained on my shelf and has been re-read numerous times.