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Book Review of Awakening the Mobster: Book 2 in Mobster Series (Volume 2)

Awakening the Mobster: Book 2 in Mobster Series (Volume 2)
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I can pretty much use the same review here as I did for Mobster's Girl.

"I enjoyed this story. The book probably would have received 3.5 stars from me were it not for what appeared to be a lack of editing. I had to check a few times to make sure that I wasn't reading an ARC. There were grammatical errors (your instead of you're), punctuation in the wrong places (like the middle of words) or completely missing punctuation where it should have been. It really ruined the flow of the story every time I had to stop reading and mentally correct things. I also hate stories that don't end. If it's its own book, end it with a proper ending. Harry Potter did this very well, a running story but with complete stories in each book. Don't just stop mid paragraph and say 'buy my next book to find out the rest of the thought.'

I really did enjoy the story; I liked the characters and found them to be believable. And I will continue with the rest of the books, but please, make sure they're edited before publishing!"

The only differences was that there weren't punctuation marks in the middle of words and though it did end in the middle of a situation, it didn't bother me as much. I do enjoy these books, its just frustrating that I've spent $10 (plus shipping) on each of these books, and they aren't proofread/edited as they should be.