Book Review of Numbers (Prodigal Project, Bk 3)

Numbers (Prodigal Project, Bk 3)
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The third in a series of books providing readers of Christian apocalytic fiction the continuation of storylines begun in the authors' books Genesis and Exodus.

Genesis introduced us to the story of the "rapture of true Christian believers" and all of the world's children, including children still in their mothers' wombs.

Exodus brought more clarity about the major characters - those left behind who are only beginning to understand their own relgious shortcomings, others who are clearly spawn of the devil and those in-between who just do not know what to make of the happenings in their world.

Numbers starts to bring into focus the events that will lead up to the formation of a "one leader world" and portrays the doubts, hurt and then some clarity of the primary seven characters....those who are the instruments of the God of Abraham and Isaac.

Read them in order and them out of order and lose the storyline.