Book Review of All That Remains (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 3)

All That Remains (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 3)
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When the daughter of powerful Washington politician, National Drug Policy Director, Pat Harvey, and boyfriend turn up missing, the services of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner of Richmond, New Jersey, are called upon once again. Four other couples have disappeared in similar fashion and have eventually been found murdered, all within a fifty-five mile radius of Williamsburg (Virginia). Scarpetta is called to a local rest area where Ms. Harvey's daughter, Deborah's, jeep has been found. When last seen, the couple was headed to the Harvey beach home in said jeep. A new investigation begins. Investigators, powerful politicians, and covert operations agents speculate as to whether or not this case is associated with Harvey's job or is it, perhaps, the fifth in a series of couple murders. As is often the case in Cornwell's stories, it becomes a question of who knows what and what is the real truth behind events and motives.

The murders have been particularly gruesome, and when found, all that remains of the young people are some bones and clothing, along with a jack of hearts playing card. Also, in each case, the victims' shoes and socks cannot be found. Scarpetta and Richmond homicide detective, Pete Marino, follow various leads, spend considerable time speculating on the who and why of the murders, while investigative reporter, Abby Turnbull, seems to be terrified about something (Marino doesn't trust her). Ex-lover, Mark James, makes an appearance and temporarily heats up the personal side of Scarpetta's life again. In the end the killer is found and the murders solved, but at tremendous cost to the Harvey family and to others. An excellent read.