Book Review of A Time To Die (Protectors, Bk 29)

A Time To Die (Protectors, Bk 29)
A Time To Die (Protectors, Bk 29)
Author: Beverly Barton
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Former reporter Lexie Murrogh got shot in the back at an inauguration where the new elected president got shot. Her injury left her paralyzed and dreaming of her secret savior with his deep grey eyes for the next ten years. After a long way of recovery she is left with a cane and very sucessful as the head of a charity organization called Helping Hands.
Now she and her boss and best friend Cara Bedell are threatened by an assasin promising to kill Lexie and all her friends for what she did back then when she's been shot.
Little does Lexie know that the bodyguard's, hired by Cara, were participating in the assassination 10 years ago and the very stray bullet that stroke her came from Deke Bronson, her personal bodyguard, gun. Nevertheless the sparkles are flying between both of them instantly. While Deke's trying to concentrate on his job Lexie falls head over heals for him.

A quick read, lacking the suspense one looks forward to read in this genre. The characters are very cliché. Unfortunately the books main focus lies on the love between Lexie and Deke and doesn't really fit into the main plot.