Book Review of The Beach Trees

The Beach Trees
The Beach Trees
Author: Karen White
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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What a fascinating story by Karen White! However, this was one of those books where I had to draw out the family tree and keep checking back to see which generation I was in. Although I do love family stories that cross the years, I sometimes get confused about which person was related to which and in which time period these people were in. I'm sure its just me, because in each chapter she laid out the year of the flashback, but it spanned three or four generations,and was just told by two main characters. Throughout the whole book we were trying to solve the mystery of two family deaths,and how these two protagonists were ultimately going to come together. I'm not one for mysteries, but it was a heartwarming family story that kept you interested til the very last page. I do love Karen White stories. She is a good friend of my favorite author, Wendy Wax! I also loved the story behind the Katrina trees and did some research on them upon finishing the book. Having lived through a Florida hurricane, it was interesting to me to read about hurricane Katrina and learn why people will go to any lengths to save their homes and property.