Book Review of Wild Masquerade (Wild Pedigrue, Bk 3)

Wild Masquerade (Wild Pedigrue, Bk 3)
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"With an "incredible talent " that never fails to "leave you breathless" (Rendezvous), Lisa Bingham magically weaves tender romance with thrilling adventure. Now she brings her Wild trilogy to a dazzling conclusion as the as the most proper Pedigrue sister clashes with a powerful theater magnate, and things become far passi9onate - and dangerous - than any make-believe..."

" Though the most sensible of the Pedigrue sisters, Constance has long harbored a romantic dream of working in the theater. But she never expected that a string of disasters would leave her stranded in New York - and in debt to scandalously successful theatrical producer Gideon Payne! With little choice, Constance accepts his offer of employment, but is determined to teach the notorious Mr. Payne a much-needed lesson before she's through."

"Yet as Constance soon discovers, there is more to Gideon than meets the eye. His beautiful actress wife - who looked exactly like Constance - died under mystifying circumstances. And now someone obsessed by her memory is committing terrrifying crimes."

"As Constance's feelings begin to waver, she and Gideon join forces to unravel the mystery. But a madman's scheme has set the stage, testing their reluctant trust, sparkling reckless hungers, and threatening much more than their wildest imaginings..."