Book Review of Rafferty's Choice (Born in the USA: Colorado, No 6)

Rafferty's Choice (Born in the USA: Colorado, No 6)
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Rafferty wanted a housekeeper to cook, clean and watch his daughter, Becky. Becky wanted Amanda to make her little family complete. Amanda wanted to prove herself. So why did Amanda accept a job that she was clearly unqualified for? Rafferty's pink underwear and Becky's melted windbreaker proved that laundry wasn't one of her skills. But instead of getting angry, why was Rafferty seriously considering hiring a housekeeper for his housekeeper when it became apparent that Amanda's only skill was caring for his daughter? Is love enough of an answer?

Well, this is a romance so-- duh. But a cute story wit alittle bit of depth. I'll be looking up this author for other reads...