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Book Review of Made in America

Made in America
Made in America
Author: Bill Bryson
Genres: Reference, Humor & Entertainment
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4

This is a history of the English (as spoke in America) language. It was in many ways tough to get through. Sections were fascinating, then there was a paragraph of a list of words and nothing else. Then it was slow. It was just hard to read more than a little bit at a time, and some parts requird slogging. But the good parts were worth fighting through the rest of the book.

I wish he'd had fewer word lists and more information on words. For example "boss" came from the Danes, but that's all he notes. It was adopted into English because ex-slaves didn't want to use "master", and they heard sailors on the docs (who were Danish) calling their headmen "boss". Which means master in Danish, but was a different word than master, and thus fulfilled the need.

The romps through history were interesting, as was the comment that while spelling varied, that didn't mean writers in general (such as the Declaration of Indpendence writers) didn't care about the spelling. It was also interesting the English view of America and American English. That was a fun section.

In fact, there was no large swath I can say wasn't good, there was just some bog in amongst the dry ground. Overall, I think I prefer his Short History of Everything, and am glad I read that first or I might not have.

A book best taken a chapter at a time over time.

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