Book Review of Lady of Desire (Knight Miscellany, Bk 4)

Lady of Desire (Knight Miscellany, Bk 4)
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Book Four in the Knight Miscellany series, this is Jacinda's story. Fleeing marriage to a "stuffy" Lord Griffith (poor man finds love several books later, thank goodness), Jacinda finds herself at the mercy of Billy Blade, a flashy young man she first encountered in 'Lord of Ice'. When Jacinda finds herself in an extremely vulnerable, and smelly, position, Billy rescues her from some bloodthirsty gang members, sets her to rights, kisses her into oblivion, and then, when he discovers who she really is, takes her home.

Several weeks later, Billy is the one in a vulnerable position, as he must re-enter the Ton as part of a bargain with his estranged father. He has decided that he must marry Jacinda, she has other ideas. She does decide to make Billy her project, though, steering him through their society. Along the way they become close friends, and eventually lovers.

If you like loveable bad boys, Billy is your man. He's rough, tough, tatooed, and possessed of - as we are reminded at least once each chapter - an impressive set of compact muscles. Jacinda is gorgeous, and in the words of (forgive me for this) Britney Spears, "not quite a girl, not yet a woman." They both have some growing up to do, but they've managed to do it by the end of the book. There's plenty of interaction with the characters from the previous books, and Lizzie's and Alec's stories are set up, as well. The story straddles Billy's life in the criminal underworld and Jacinda's life in the upper strata, with plenty of varied characters from each. I love this author for successfully mixing descriptive narrative with interesting dialogue in all her books, and this one is no exception. If you order, you may just end up deciding to hang on to your copy.