Book Review of An Affair of Interest

An Affair of Interest
An Affair of Interest
Author: Barbara Metzger
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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London seemed the place to fulfill Winifred's romantic dreams..and Sydney's mercenary ones.

Being one half-pay pension away from poverty, it was clear to the Misses Sydney and Winifred Lattimore that one of them must find a wealthy husband. Since no man with all his wits would want such a managing female as Sydney, Winnie's beauty and grace would more likely win her a nabob.

Of course, Sydney's great plan required money, so a visit to the seedy establishment of a moneylender was a necessary evil. Why had no one warned her that moneylenders could be such handsome devils.

Lord Mainwaring was in no hurry to correct the exasperating minx's misconception. She had pluck, for certain, and unforgettable coppery curls--but a nose for trouble that would make mice feet of her Season. And so, though he was too smart to be caught in the parson's mousetrap himself, Mainwaring decided he must keep Sydney out of mischief, no matter what it took...