Book Review of No Humans Involved (Women of the Underworld, Bk 7)

No Humans Involved (Women of the Underworld, Bk 7)
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Jaime Vega is a necromancer who can see ghosts and animate the dead. She's trying to get her own TV show, and this is her big break - a TV special as one of three paranormal experts trying to raise the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. While they are filming, however, other ghosts actually seem to be able to touch her, which is something unusual. When she realizes the ghosts are children unaware of their death and unable to cross over, she is determined to find out how they died and help them. What she discovers is a group of wannabe magic practitioners using human sacrifice to enhance their powers, which is not supposed to work. Or has someone stumbled on a way to make it work? Jaime enlists the help of old friends, Jeremy the alpha werewolf who makes her blood sizzle, the ghost of black magic practitioner Eve Levine, and half chaos demon Hope Adams, in her efforts to help the spirit children. Armstrong's supernatural world is quite original and fascinating, though Jaime is not as engaging a character to me as her others despite her interesting powers, hence the 3-star rating rather than a 4.