Book Review of 5th Angel

5th Angel
5th Angel
Author: David Wiltse
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Paperback
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From the back cover: He is an American, a patriot... and a disciplined commando trained to infiltrate and destroy. But a war game gone awry has turned Sergeant Mark Stitzer into a haunted victim of his own madness, a walking instrument of death. Now he is on his own mission-- a mission of vengeance, a journey into hell.

Hunted by the men who trained him, lured by the one person he trusts, he prowls the city, as stealthy as an animal on its own killing grounds. No one-- not the police, not the FBI, not the U.S. Army-- know how to stop him... and no one can predict the terror he is about to unleash.