Book Review of Becoming Georgia

Becoming Georgia
Becoming Georgia
Author: Emily Carmichael
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Georgie Kennedy is so mad made she could just spit. Just weeks after she sold one of her Arizona gold claims to Cougar Barnes, some Chicago lawyer tells her the mine wasn't her to sell. Her rascal grandpa is behind this mess & she goes to Chicago to set him straight. She finds the old coot can outmaneuver her & he's bent on turning her into a petticoat-wearing, tea-drinking society girl. If she'll give him & Chicago a year, he'll give her the claims. She finds that heiress girls get proposals, some welcome & some not but she wants what she thinks ain't quite suitable for a Chicago society girl so where does her heart belong - in Chicago with a gorgeous hunk of a rich fellow or back in Arizona Territory where she's her own woman & nobody tells her when, how when it comes to working her gold claim. She's a steel magnolia of the first order. And it's a truly fun read.