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Book Review of Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (Outlander, Bk 9)

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (Outlander, Bk 9)

Very disappointing after waiting so long. First entire half of book was reminiscing or trying to 'catch up' on what happened before, or just sitting around table eating or hunting. I hate to give it a 3 star review, I love Diana Gabaldon's writing..but honestly it felt like even SHE was trying to figure out where to go with the book and was bored herself. I kept saying 'where's the beef?' It picked up finally in 2nd half and it felt like Diana got her groove..there was an actual plot at that point, other than 'A Day in the Life of the Fraser Household'. I won't give any spoiler alerts but the title made no sense. The other thing that really bugged me throughout the book was that as she changed chapters you had no idea who was doing the talking...until you read a little further. I never noticed that in any of her previous books. I had preordered the book wanting it for the holiday season. So now I've read it, and feel just disappointed. The ending felt like it should have been in the middle of the book and moved forward more...sorry Diana, I love your writing, but this was a miss.