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Book Review of Skye's Trail (Angelini, Bk 1)

Skye's Trail (Angelini, Bk 1)
Skye's Trail (Angelini, Bk 1)
Author: Jory Strong
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

Plot Summary: Menage Erotica M/F/M. Humans, vampires, and assorted other supernatural beings live in modern day Las Vegas. Skye, an Angelini (vampire hunter) becomes involved in a series of missing persons cases involving the occult. She also becomes involved with a human detective and a vampire.

This is BOOK 1 of "The Angelini Series" (book 2 is: Syndelle's Possession; Book 3: Mystic's Run)

Characters: Skye- an "Angelini" or Vampire Hunter of supernatural origins- is intelligent, capable, independent, tough, and completely lacking in ANY self-restraint whatsoever! She fits right in with her heroes: Rico- a human detective- and Gian- a vampire. The men are good looking, constantly aroused, and... this is about all we really know about them.

Best About This Book: Well, it was hot. There was plenty of action, both in terms of plot and in terms of erotica. These sequences were decently written if you ignore a few plot-holes.

Worst About This Book: There was no romance! None! The characters were "drawn" to each other and had sex all the time. They knew nothing about each other and didn't seem at all interested in remedying this. Even affection was lacking, as it seems that every time they were within 50 feet of each other they lost all control and... YOU KNOW!

Summary: For someone interested in a hot book with decent action sequences and a heroine who thinks for herself (except when she is hormonally impaired), this book is worth a credit. Also, I have heard really good things about the next book (Syndelle's Possession) and the men from that book are introduced here. But for romance... seek elsewhere.