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Book Review of A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange
skysky avatar reviewed on + 5 more book reviews

This is a classic that is a must read for everyone. Even if you're not into the psychological stories that make you feel eerie, I, as well as many others, feel this is one of the most important books to pick up because of it's strong moral-questioning message.

Stepping aside from that and to the character's themselves, Alex Delarge is rather disturbing iconic figure. Throughout the whole story, we know him to be this cocky psychopath. When he goes through his "treatments", we slowly begin to learn, or at least by my opinion, is that the only people that are scarier than this loose canon is the doctors themselves. This really starts the whole debate on who is the real monster.

Of course, by the end, he's back to his regular self. Another lesson, you can't really change anyone.

I feel like a lot of people get confused with the literature he and the rest speaks. What's going on is, Alex is a horrible delinquent. Rape, break ins, yadda yadda, until he ends up murdering a woman and is sent to prison. They treat him, and they let him go. What makes him "better" is that everytime he gets a psychopathic thought, it literally makes him ill to the point he has to stop. A lot like shocking a dog if he's bad.

Anyway, if you really can't get through the book, not because it's bad (and it's not) but because the language is hard to understand, then defiantly consider watching the movie. You wont regret it.