Book Review of Antarktos Rising (Origins, Bk 4)

Antarktos Rising (Origins, Bk 4)
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I Love this Book. I am most definitely not a gusher, but... I LOVE THIS BOOK!

I have read a couple of Jeremy Robinson's books and they were good, but "Antarktos Rising" is one of the most original, interesting and unique books I have read in a while.

The whole concept of the book is so far out in left field that you just never see what's coming. The action is non stop. The characters are very well developed. Although the end is a little predictable.

In my opinion, this book elevates Robinson to writing royalty along with Preston, Child, and James Rollins.

If you like escapist literature which really makes you escape you need to read this book! Just be sure and budget plenty of time because it is almost impossible to put down.