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Book Review of The Gate to Women's Country

The Gate to Women's Country
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Helpful Score: 4

Oh man... this was a great book! Set in post-nuclear war (surely) time, it follows the new world order. Men basically screwed the world up, so women have taken over. Very feminist, but beautifully told. I'm not a sci-fi fan, but one of my favorite books is Alas, Babylon - it's no wonder I loved this one as well.

I did find the play a little tedious. I get the symbolism and that, but I got the names all confused. There were already enough characters in the book for my short term memory issues!

I found the stark contrast between the Holylanders and those in Women's Country to be interesting. The different ways of life the educational issues of course; but also the inbreeding (on both parts, remember, there were only about 200 fathers in Women's Country!).

I was disappointed to see this book end. I wanted to know what happened next, were they successful in rebuilding society? Did the current class system work? It was apparent that Stavia and Corrig were in love (at least it was to me!); I wonder if it was ever acceptable to announce that; it seemed that everything was so secretive about the servitors.

I did find it extremely unlikely that the council would spill all it's secrets to Stavia after they just found out she'd broken the ordinances several times. Come on, now...

... I was left wondering exactly what the special weapon was... I just couldn't visualize it... *laugh*