Book Review of Saving Grace

Saving Grace
Saving Grace
Author: Lee Smith
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Substores
Book Type: Paperback
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A traveling holy roller preacher with a box of poisonous snakes in the back of his old Studebaker loaded down with his 3rd wife and bunch of kids get the story started with the Studebaker slinging a rod just north of the Georgia line and South of Waynesville, NC. He proclaims himself to be a old time gospel healer, laying hands on the sinners and another part of his anatomy on the women he meets in the cinder block churches where they will let him preach. Yep, plenty of old time preaching mixed with guitars and drums plus snake handling, drinking strychnine, burning a halo on the top of his head draws a crowd everywhere he goes, but his drinking and "hooring" gets him and his family kicked out one church after another. Mix in some washing of snakes, suicide by hanging, raising the dead, drunks fighting at the big bush arbor homecoming meeting, locked up in county jail, paying off the mama's of the young girls the preacher knocks up, and you will find one even old Harry Crews would rise from the dead to enjoy.